From jilted princess bride to a revenge plot fit for a king, this charming couple is royally screwed …

As I lived my best royal life, my only job as a princess was to find and marry a handsome prince. Too bad Prince Theo turned out to be more of a toad.

After I began losing my powers, he lost interest in our upcoming wedding. Not only did Theo leave me at the altar, but he also banished me and my merry band of misfits from the Kingdom of Poppycock forever.

Talk about a walk of shame!

From enchanted castle to crumbling cottage, I’m now stuck in Morningwood, struggling to plot my next move.

This strange little town, full of mischief and magic, is the perfect place to hide while I practice my spells and hopefully regain my powers.

What could possibly go wrong?

Other than accidentally summoning a mysterious male vampire who throws me off my quest and gets my blood boiling in all the right places.

And my blood is exactly what Vail and his brotherhood need for their top-secret laboratory.

Who would have thought my charming royal genes could help their dangerous mission?

As long as Vail keeps his fangs to himself, we won’t have a problem.

His hands though?

That’s another story entirely.

My taste for revenge is strong, but his taste for me is stronger.

Could this be my fairy-tale ending? Or am I destined to live a nightmare?

Author’s note:
Royally Drained is a paranormal romcom with a few dark themes. This is book 1 in the VILF series and ends with a cliff-hanger.

After a horrifying stroke of bad luck, I’m starting to think I’m royally cursed.

Just when I thought happily ever after was on the horizon, fate turned my life upside down, leaving my vampire lover picking up the pieces from a night that shattered us both.

Instead of fulfilling my royal destiny by riding off in an enchanted chariot after the investor ball, I was whisked away in the back of a cop car and treated like a wicked stepsister in the scariest place imaginable—the human world.

Mirror Mirror on the wall … who’s my enemy after all?

I’ve trained my entire life to be a princess, but being a prisoner isn’t in my blood.

Will Vail be my white knight, rescuing me after I vanished from his arms? Or am I destined to stay lost forever?

I’m beginning to believe Morningwood is my happily never after.